What Is Important In Web Development?


Something a website owner should always remember, it’s that everything comes down to the user. While you might think the site looks pretty nice, it doesn’t necessarily mean the traffic you get will agree. When it comes down to it, there are many variables involved, but what is important in web design? What is at the core that makes it so crucial for gaining higher rankings?

To help you get a better perspective, and hopefully guide you towards making effective choices, here are some things to consider.

1. Does The Design Serve A Purpose?

As with everything business-related, you have to be critical about “supplying for the demand”. When the site is live and people are going through the pages, is it obvious what the site is trying to say and accomplish?

If users don’t find the site useful, it’s not going to shoot up the ranks. And even worse, the site won’t survive very long.

2. Overall Clarity And Easy Navigation

Internet users all have one thing in common – speed. They like getting what they want fast, and for you as a website owner, it means making it easier for them to find it.

Users don’t like landing on a site that takes ten minutes to figure out. They also don’t like if they have to search the whole page for a specific article.

The communication between the site and the user should always be crystal clear, while the navigation should be incredibly user-friendly.

3. Avoiding Distractions

There’s a reason why modern website designers are going for the “minimalist” theme, and it’ rooted in a very big problem, namely distractions. Distractions come in many forms, but none are as annoying as popups and endless ads.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with showing a few ads, but there’s a limit. The ad space should never dominate the true substance of the site. And while you want to showcase other articles, make sure they are unobtrusive.

Is There A Balance?

There are some website designs that look absolutely amazing. In fact, they look so great, users might just take a few minutes to appreciate the visual appeal. But then they try and navigate the site, which turns into one big frustration.

Sometimes it might be necessary to sacrifice appearance for functionality because that is what users will ultimately appreciate the most. It doesn’t have to be a breathtaking site in order to rank on the first page. It does, however, need to be very functional.

4. The Loading Speed And Responsiveness

Two more important web design elements are loading speed and responsiveness. In terms of loading speed, users won’t wait more than 3 seconds before clicking the back button. This means all steps need to be taken to ensure a quick loading speed.

As for responsiveness, many users utilize mobile devices. If your site doesn’t display well on these devices, you can kiss half your traffic goodbye.

There are lots more important aspects to web design, but a professional in the field can provide more details.

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