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The Value of Using an Business Web Design Company

Every business, these days, needs to have a good website. If you cannot be found online then you may as well not even exist. Even bricks and mortar stores, restaurants and takeaways should have a website so that people can find out what it is they sell, view opening hours, and contact the store owners. You can get some value out of using Google Maps and Bing’s Places, but not as much as you would from having a website.

The challenge with setting up a website is that it can be quite a substantial investment. Websites can be very expensive to get started with, and the pricing from designers can vary from quite Business to thousands upon thousands of dollars depending on what it is that you are looking to set up. Knowing what level of design work you need, and finding a good web design company, is vital if you want to get online without wasting a lot of money.

Simple Web Design is Effective

If you are not planning on setting up an online store, then it makes sense to get a simple website that you can maintain yourself in the future. WordPress websites are good for this. They are simple and quite effective and they are something that you can update for yourself in the future without having to be tremendously tech savvy. You can start out with a simple online business card style website, and then add more features as needed, such as building in contact forms and price lists, or quotation forms, live chat, etc. Once you are ready to start selling products online the next step is to set up something like WooCommerce. You can do all of that from your existing WordPress site. It’s a sustainable, easy to grow model for having a website.

There is No Need to Spend a Fortune

While it is true that you get what you pay for and that if you spend very little you run the risk of getting no support and a poorly done job; if you spend too much then you are just wasting money. You should look for a company that has a large portfolio of happy customers, and that is reasonably priced. Don’t pay for bespoke themes if you don’t want them. Don’t pay for custom coding if there is no need to have it. Pick the things that matter the most to you and work towards getting them sorted out.

You want to have a domain name, hosting, and a website that has good foundations for SEO. There are many Business and reputable web design companies that can offer this for a sensible fee. If those companies give you that solid foundation then you can build on that to add new features and rich content later. Get your priorities right early on, and the rest will come.

Finding a Reputable Designer

So, how can you find a reputable designer? Well, one good starting point is to look for designers on webmaster forums. There are a lot of designers that are active on those forums and that promise to help people build up their online presence. They frequently sell their services in their signatures, or have threads where they advertise them, and you will be able to tell quickly by the replies and comments whether they are reputable. Another good option is to search for good designers in your area or to look for online recommendations. Don’t buy from a web designer that emails you out of the blue. Look for one who has created successful sites and is easy to find themselves. After all, if they are not able to set up a successful site that you can find when you are in the market for their services why should you trust that you will be able to get good service from them to promote your business?

Choose a designer that has made websites that you like the look of. Every designer has their own signature style and what works well for one site may not be so great for others. If you can find someone who has made other websites that you like, then you will be more likely to be happy with whatever they do for you.

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